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4400 - Awesome Show

Here's to new resolutions. Better late than never.

The 4400 is the best show I've seen in a very long while. Its currently in Season 2 episode 4, and Season 1 is available on DVD. In case you've never seen the show, its about 4400 people who have been taken over the period of about 80 years. Then all of a sudden they are returned at the same time in the same spot. Unaged, and without memory of where they have been all this time.

As the series progresses, we find that some of them have developed unique powers. And in Season 1's fanale we find out who took them and why. You're gonna have to watch the show to know more :)

Main Cast:
- The Bad Guy
- The Hero
- The Tortured Soul
- The Heroine
- The Sage

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