Friday, February 20, 2009

My S'pore Trip - Final Day

I know this final post of my holiday is over a month late but better late than never.

My flight to the US is at 6am so I had to wake up at about 3:30 am. At the airport I had a little snack.

Here are the folks sending me off at the airport. At 5+am its no wonder they look sleepy.

Oh and AWESOME news, I'm a gold elite member on NWA and got bumped up to business class!!! Here's a picture of the seats. Its so spacious, such a diff from economy class.
With my legs stretched out I still have so much leg room left. Its certainly a huge upgrade from economy.

Ahhh and here's the menu on the flight from Singapore to Tokyo
Notice the table cloth even! That's the illusion of class, also the presentation is simply gorgeous. Here we have poached wonton and char siu noodles. Don't you just love the fruit bowl as well? Heck its got dragon fruit in it.
And just before landing we have Chicken satay, curry puff and sugar cane prawn.

At Narita airport I got a bottle of green tea and some cute little crustless sandwiches. Its almost like the delicate cucumber sandwiches that the british enjoy.

Ahhh and on to the flight from Narita to Minneapolis. The menu looks good. And trust me it does deliver.

A little pre-lunch snack of assorted salted nuts

Ahhh this was a first for me. A 3 course meal on a plane. Here's the appetizer, salad and Crab meat/scallops/chicken.

Main Course, which was pretty good. Chicken and mashed potatoes.

Finally desert, cheese, fruit, and choc cake.

Here's the snack cart that was available through out the flight.

here's the breakfast menu before landing.

Quite substantial, this was the frittata with canadian bacon and hash browns.

Oh yes, business class is definitely a cut above, but enough for the additional $5k? Probably not.