Sunday, July 30, 2006

Weekend Activities

Hope you all had a good weekend. I actually had a very productive one. I spent it reorganizing my harddrive. Its one of those tasks that we always say we'll eventually get to. Well I finally did it. Created a logical folder system for storing pictures, documents, and videos that also allow for incremental backups.

I also got a brand new external harddrive to back everything up in. If you're in the market for an excellent HDD, I recommend Western Digital Extreme Lighted WDXC2500JBRNN 250GB It's only $150 for 250GB, it's fast, sleek and even has lighted colors that you can turn off.

And just cos I'm "Kia Su" (a Singaporean slang for 'afraid to lose out') I also backed everything up on DVD discs. It took 10 4.7GB disks to backup my entire digtal life and library. Kinda scary considering only 3+ years ago this would have been done on CD's with a 750MB limit. I think it only took up 4 CD's back then.

Just a tip, my previous external harddrive started have I/O errors in some sections. If you're like me and have your PC up 24/7 this might not be such a good thing for the external drive. So now I think I'll use the external only for backup's and store it away other times.

PS. If you're looking for a backup software, Retrospect Express or Ghost are among the top in the field.


Friday, July 28, 2006

The Ultimate Bacon Sandwich

I found this post on the web. This guy made the ultimate bacon sandwich and actually ate it all!


I ended up only using 22 slices, which is about a pound and a quarter of bacon. I chose the low-sodium variety for its health benefits.

My trusty skillet was brought out for this event and the cooking began:

After much cooking and draining, the slices looked like this:

Extreme care was taken in the creation of this sandwich, starting with a strong foundation which could bear the load of the delicious bacon. After consulting with local architects, the sandwich was carefully constructed:

Luckily the top stayed on and didn't compromise the structural integrity of The Ultimate Bacon Sandwich:

The delightful aroma was enough to throw off the auto-focus on my camera:

Halfway through, disaster strikes! There appears to be a breach of the main hull! I feared I was losing her!

Luckily there was plenty of bread left; the reconstruction efforts quickly began:

The bread graft was successful and held up until the very end:

He said he felt slightly light headed and had about 6 glasses of water after finishing the sandwich. I hope that was the worst that he suffered. Probably not something to have even once a week.

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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Hugh Jackman Punk'd

If you read this blog, its no surprise that I love Hugh Jackman. Here's him getting punk'd and it was a really good one.

FYI, Punk'd is an MTV show produced by Astchon Kutcher. They basically play elborate tricks on famous people. I might think that some of the punk'd episodes are over the top and cruel but I have to admit some of them (like this one) are really good.

and just cos I can, here's the skit he did on Saturday Night Live

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Lance Brass

I told myself that I would not comment on this because honestly its all over the news and internet. But I figured what the heck.

N'Sync was red hot in its time. The 4 of them made oodles and oodles of cash. Given that situation, only a fool would have done anything to jepordize that gold mine. As for him coming out now... why not.

I don't think its worth the big hoo ha. After all let's be honest, in terms of popularity among the 4 of them, he ranked number 3 at best and most prorobably fouth place. Aside from his blotched plan to go to space, I've not heard a peep out of him.

So he's gay and dating Reichen Lehmkuhl (whom I think is hot). But let's put things in perspective, about 2 weeks ago, Israel & Lebanon declared war on each other.


Edy's Slow Churn Ice Cream

There's an article in the New York Times about Creamy, Healthier Ice Cream.

Basically, Edy's or Dreyer’s ice cream came up with a new method of creating Ice Cream that's much lower in fat content and tastes great. Its done using protein cloned from the blood of an eel-like Arctic Ocean fish.

According to the article this product has been around since 2004, but I recently bought this slow churned ice cream about 2-3 weeks back (first time I've ever seen it). I've tried them all, low fat, sherbert, fat free, you name it, but this slow churned ice cream really is very very very good. I honestly could not tell that it was low in fat.

And not only did it taste wonderful, the nutritional content was actually lower in calories and fat compared with most fat free ice creams I compared it with! If you can find it in your grocery I highly recommend it.

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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Movie News Updates:

If ScifiNews is to be believed, We will be seeing Superman Returns part 2 in 2009. Bryan singer (Director of Superman Returns) has apparently announced at Comic-Con that he is indeed doing a sequel to Superman Returns.

This is a bit of a surprise since WB had previously said that Superman Returns needs $200 million domestically to do a sequel. But then again its currently at $172,872,000 domestically after 24 days. So it will reach $200 million, just not very fast. World wide its done $249,872,000 so far. not great but very very decent. I love Superman Returns, but a $260 million price tag for the show is a little hard to understand. Especially given how Spiderman 2 cost $200 million, Batman Begins cost $150 million and Xmen3 cost $110 million.

But I'm happy cos I LOVE Superman Returns

Ironman is coming to a theatre near you. Who is Ironman? He's a lesser known superhero who get's his name cos he wears a suit made of ... metal. Yellow and red metal. He can fly and shoot energy blasts from his hands, that's mostly what I remember about him. Oh and the villan for him will be the Mandarin, a villan who has mastered multiple martial arts and has five rings on each finger that he controls with his mind.

Watch for it May 2, 2008

This might be a bit dated but Spiderman 3 is coming out next year and although there will be 3 villians, the main baddie will be Vhenom. And the person playing Vhenom will be Topher Grace, from that 70's show fame.

Oh and Tobey has already said that he will most probably not be onboard for a 4th Spiderman movie. Not surprising since he's more a drama oriented actor. Then again if the numbers are right I'm sure he might change his mind.

5,000 lucky people got to see rough footage of the film at Comic-Con International yesterday. So with any luck the rest of us might get to see it on youtube. Here's the trailer.

Batman Begins sequel is coming up in 2008. And the villian will be Joker!!! But here's the surprise, the actor playing Joker will be Heath Ledger.

Wonder Woman is coming to the Silver Screen. Joss Whedon of Buffy/Senerity fame is directing it. He's just completed the draft of the script and its almost done, just has to be approved by the bigwigs.

Of course the role of Wonder Woman is still up for grabs, although the top contender right now is Morena Baccarin. Don't know her? Go watch Senerity, she's Inara.


Thursday, July 20, 2006

Friday Fun

Its Friday, time to shed the serious side and laugh a little. So I bring you some Wierd Sex Facts.

Actual amout of semen per ejaculation: 1-2 teaspoons

Average number of times a man will ejaculate in his lifetime: 7,200

Average # of times he will ejaculate from masturbation: 2,000

Average total amount of lifetime ejaculate: 14 gallons

Average amount of water it takes to fill a bathtub: 35 gallons

Average speed of ejaculation: 28 miles per hour

Average speed of a city bus: 25 miles per hour

Average # of calories in a teaspoon of semen: 7

Average # of calories in a can of Dr. Pepper: 150

Average length of penis when not erect: 3.5 inches

Average length when erect: 5.1

Smallest natural penis recorded: 5/8 of an inch

Largest natural penis recorded: 11 inches

Largest penis in the animal kingdom: 11 feet (blue whale)

Height from court floor to the rim of a basketball hoop: 10 feet

Most arousing time of day/season for a man: early morning/fall

Best ways to improve sexual function: quit smoking, start excercising, lose weight.

Foods that improve sex life: oysters, lean meat, seafood, whole grains, and wheat germ

Percent of men who say they masturbate: 60%

Percent of men who say they masturbate at least once a day: 54%

Percent of men who say they feel guilty masturbating that often: 41%

Amount of time needed for a man to regain erection: from 2 min to 2weeks

Average # of erections per day for a man: 11

Average # of erections during the night: 9

Distance sperm travels to fertilize an egg: 3-4 inches

The human equalivent: 26 miles (a marathon distance)

Time it takes the sperm: 2.5 seconds

Time it takes an average person to complete a marathon: 4 hours

Sperm life: 2 1/2 months (from development to ejaculation)

Shelf life of a hostess twinkie: 7 years

Cost of a year's supply of condoms: $100

Thickness of the average condom: .07 mm

Thickness of super-thin condoms: .05 mm

Thickness of plastic wrap: .0127 mm

# of times condoms are thicker that plastic wrap: almost 6

In general, the taste of a man's semen varies with his diet.

Some say that the alkaline-based foods (fish and some meats) produce a buttery or fishy taste.

Dairy products can create a foul taste.

The taste of semen after eating asparagus is said to be the foulest.


Examples: oranges, mangos, kiwi, lemons, grapefruit, limes, Labatt Blue, Honey Brown

Drinking a Corona with lime is double the fun.

Odors that increase blood flow to the penis:lavender, licorice, chocolate, doughnuts, pumpkin pie. (Happy Thanksgiving!)

Yes, the penis does shrink in the shower.

It is common for men to wake up with "morning wood," a name for an a.m. erection.

Blue balls, or the term a man uses when he says his balls will explode if he doesn't have sex, is totally false.

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Game Review - Titan's Quest

Been playing a new game called Titan's Quest. Its an amazing game, addicitive as heck. It's basically a Diablo2 clone. You have different classes and skills, tons of magical items, and even set items. Its got 3 levels of difficuilty, Normal, Epic and Legandary. Sound familiar?

Unlike Diablo2 the maps are not random but it does come with an editor so expect lots of future player created maps. The game is in full 3D, is very polished and looks amazing. There are 3 "acts" like in Diablo2, but here its called Greece, Egypt and China. The quests and storylines are very well done.

But its not all a bed of roses. Many have graphics problems including yours truly. I had to download a program called ATItools and basically underclock my graphics card to avoid crashes. The fact that I can still rave about the game despite my techincal issues should show you how good it is.

Currently I'm a Pyromancer and eventually I intend to be a Summoner. If you liked Diablo2, you'll love this game.

PS. Its single player only, although you can have lan and internet games. Sorry no


Sunday, July 16, 2006

A Wonderful Sunday

2 things happened that made this a very good Sunday.

First was World of Warcraft. My Guild Shadows Edge finally killed the dragon Neferion! We started doing Black Wing Lair on 12/28/2005 and now on 07/16/2006 we have conquered BWL!!! 7 months of weekend raids have finally paid off. And now we will go on to Nexx.

The Second thing that happened was I finally scored a ticket to Jersey Boys on Aug 10th in NYC!!!! And the best part is that I didn't have to pay for an overinflated price. I got a premium ticket right off Telecharge. Someone must have had to cancel that night. Its still the most I've ever paid for a show but its Jersey Boys!!!!

And now I'm gonna turn in happy. BTW Here are some screenies of Shadows Edge killing Nef.

AE Fun. This is where I LOVE PI and Holy Nova

Nef at 1%

Nef Down

Nef Loot

Nef Close up

SE Nef Photo 1

SE NEf Photo 2

SE Nef Photo 3

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Saturday, July 15, 2006

The Prestige - New Movie

Here's the trailer for The Prestige starring Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale.

It looks very cool. If you want a high res version of the trailer click here.


Thursday, July 13, 2006

TV Addict

Well since summer TV is SUCH a huge disappointment as usual (except for abcFamily with Kyle XY) here some titbits on the fall programs:

*** spoilers abound - be warned ****

Jimmy Olsen comes a knocking and you know him as.... Iceman from Xmen. Actually its his twin, Aaron Ashmore. But they both look very... twin like. And little Jimmy might get chummy with Chloe.

Ohhh and word on the street is there is gonna be a new pivotal comic book char coming to town. No word on who yet but... who's the most pivotal comic character to Superman? Hmmm.... could it be a bat?

Gilmore Girls

The first 6 episodes are going to be very, very, very dramatic for Luke and Lorelai. Well what did you expect ?!?! She slept with her ex in the fanale after having a big out with Luke. Personally I hated that little twist, its so un-Lorelai.

Veronica Mars

Well, Miss Mars is getting a new love interest called Piz in Season 3. I say good! Imagine the horror of thinking that your boyfriend whom you thought raped you also happened to be your brother!!! I don't care if it turned out to be false, you can't tell me the relationship won't change.


Remember the cliffhanger? Did daddykins die? Here's the straight scoop from series creator Eric Kripke himself (warning: you're just inches away from a major spoiler about last May's cliff-hanger; proceed at your own peril): "We will introduce a new set of 'hunters' this season a mom and her daughter, who will be about the same age as the Winchester boys. John will definitely have survived the car crash, he’s alive and well, and he’ll soon have a face-to-face confrontation with the demon."


Sigh.... I love Julian. but this is one of those shows that I have to catch on DVD mostly cos I can't remember which channel FX is on.

Anyway, Mario Lopez (Dr. Mike) is a new character coming to the show and he's... gonna be of special sexual interest to Christian!!!! Gasp!!! Is Christian gonna branch out and explore the other side of the road? No such luck, basically, Christian meets him at the gym, and while in the locker room he observes and subsequently covets Dr. Mike's stunningly perfect physique. Methinks it's the start of a whole midlife crisis for Julian McMahon's aging alter ego.

Still... Julian and Mario in a locker room, 1/2 dressed and sweaty? That's more than worth the price of the DVD for me.

Las Vegas

This show was tops in Season 1, and season 2 felt very flat, but the fanale really picked up I think. Its a guilty pleasure show.

Danny and Delinda spend much of this coming season's second episode having sex, so I guess things don't work out well for her and Shawn Christian. In the same episode, Montecito's employees are forced to attend a sexual-harassment seminar, and Mary used the opportunity to publicly condemn Danny for dipping his pen in company ink.

Still sounds kinda flat but if they keep their late night time slot... there' really no competition.

Battlestar Galactica

Everyone wants to know when when when!!! But Sci Fi won't give say anything more specific than October.

But here's a scoop. Exec producer David Eick says that a major character will be killed off in the third episode? Well, one of my mole's friend's sister's roommates happened upon the set a few weeks ago and noticed the entire cast was present except for one person — a woman. You do the math.

High School Musical 2

Ok this isn't a fall TV series. But I'm including it cos my nephew and niece LOVE the show. There is a part 2 and here's the plot.

"School's out for summer and some of East High School's favorite class are working summer jobs, others lolling around the pool at the Albuquerque Country Club and Golf Course where Ryan and Sharpay's family have been members for years. When Troy Bolton lands a summer gig as a lifeguard at the pool, can a talent-show competition be in the future? Zac Efron, Ashley Tisdale, Vanessa Anne Hudgens, Lucas Grabeel are confirmed to reprise their roles."

Stargate SG1/Atlantis

Mitchell (Ben Browder) is going to be attending his high-school reunion, where he'll bump into an old crush. Of course, their reunion-within-a-reunion will be interrupted by the arrival of a humanoid bounty hunter who intends on capturing Mitchell and using him as bait in "a larger game."

Its not much but the SUPER GOOD NEWS is that it premieres this Friday!!!!! As in TOMORROW!!!! 14th July 2006, remember to tune in.

Grey's Anatomy

Chris O'Donnell is in talks to increase his Season 3 episode order from two to six. I so hope thi happens. I love Chris O'Donnell. I mean McSteamy is nice but... come on, if the guy can't make up his mind and stick with 1 choice, screw him and go for the cute Vet.

Desperate Housewives

Nicollette Sheridan, the bad girl of Wisteria lane is gonna get a hot 18-year-old nephew named Austin! OMG I hope he's as big a slut as hi Aunt.

And Susan get's a new love interest and they're thinking of making him British. Make his british and built and I predict that you'll have a HUGE following for season 3. Oh and what about poor Mr. Mike who got hit by the nasty dentist? Hmmm... not sure if I really care actually. The writers made his character pretty undesirable if you ask me.

Well that's all I had. And thanks to AskAusiello for the scoops. I basically plagurized his columns for the past few weeks to write this blog entry.


Tuesday, July 11, 2006


My blog's been focusing too much on movies lately. Its time post about more mundane everyday things. Here's some fun things you can do with paper.
Yeah, I think watching a movie is a lot easier too.
Source: Fresh99


Sunday, July 09, 2006

Time for some humor


Friday, July 07, 2006

Planning my New York Trip

There's been a lack of posts this week mostly because I'm been busy at work and planning my New York trip on 10th Aug - 13 Aug. I try to get there once every 2-3 years, to soak in the big apple, dine on the excellent cuisine of Chinatown and Soho, and last but not least catch a few broadway shows. My last trip was in 2003 so I'm really glad to be going back.

This time round I lucked out on hotels, I'll be staying at Hampton Inn Manhattan, just a few blocks from Times square and the theaters!!! WOOT!!! Thank you Hilton HHonors program.

I'll be watching the following shows:

I have time for a 3rd show and I really really really want to watch Jersey Boys but the whole show is sold out! And worse luck the cheapest tickets are around at least $350 which I'd pay for if I didn't have to purchase 2 tickets!

So if anyone knows of a way I can get a ticket for August 10th please let me know.


Saturday, July 01, 2006

Superman Returns on IMAX 3D

If you're all Superman'ed out then you might wanna avoid this blog for a bit cos I love the show!

Saw it on IMAX 3D today and was it worth the $16 charge? HECK YES! The huge advantage that the IMAX has is its huge screen. Studio execs wonder how they can get the public to watch more movies with digital TV sets getting bigger, clearer and cheaper each year, well the answer is not to build more ciniplexes with smaller screens.

Also IMAX 3D rocks! No if's and's or but's. This is the first action movie that's been translated in IMAX 3D, they made 20 mins of footage of Superman Returns 3D.

There are a total of 4 scenes, 3 action and 1 nostalgia scenes which are in 3D. Its wonderful! The 3D allows you to focus on Superman while all else fades into the background. What this means is that although I had already seen the movie once, my mind didn't wander, I was immersed in that scene. If anything I was even more awed. The scene when he steps out of the aeroplane actually brought a tear to my eyes (Note:I love the show so I might be a tiny bit biased)

Bottom line, if you have a choice, go watch the IMAX 3D version. Its worth the extra amount. I might even watch it a 3rd time!

Below are some behind the scenes video footage. Enjoy!