Thursday, November 29, 2007

Bee Movie and Enchanted Reviews

Bee Movie Review

DreamWorks Animation unit has had a spotty record with few megahits, but I'm glad to say that the Bee Movie is not one of their failures. I watched this show with my niece and nephew while in Singapore and was thrilled. I'll admit that I had my doubts about having Jerry Seinfeld voice the main lead of the show but it works.

This is a simply tale of an underdog who aspires for greener pastures, succeeds but discovers that it comes at a cost, becomes a pariah, and finally stages a heroic comeback saving the day. Just the kind of plot that appeals to children and has enough overtones that it also keeps the adults happy. It might not be as memorable as Finding Nemo but its definately worth the price of the ticket.

I rate this movie a 4.5/5

Here's a sypnosis of the movie from IMDB.
In an animated fairy tale world, a young girl meets and falls in love with the handsome prince of her dreams. News of this romance upsets the prince's mother, the evil queen, who uses her black magic to send the girl hurtling out of the animated world into the one place in the universe where there is no true love: modern day Manhattan. The now-real girl has to survive in New York City and find her way home again to her true love.

OK, I'll admit that when I first heard about this show I rolled my eyes and wondered what pin-head at Disney thought that blending a cartoon and live action movie together was a good idea. But I'm happy to report that that Disney pin-head should get a big fat promotion and I should set aside my doubts that Disney is a has been studio.
First off, the casting for this movie was nothing short of brilliant Patrick Dempsey, James Marsden, and especially Amy Adams. Amy plays Giselle, the heroine who is wide eye and native like all fairy tale princesses should be and who over the course of the movie discovers that perhaps her prince (James Marsden) isn't the man for her.

There's so much to love in this movie, from Giselle singing a little ditty and all the animales/insets coming to help her in Snow White fashion to Prince Edward who tries to slay the great metal beast (A Bus). Patrick Dempsey is perfect as the jaded lawyer who frowns all the time but when he finally does smile, you're simply sucked in. (Whoever thought of the Mc Dreamy nickname in Grey's Anatomy was really spot on).

Don't even think about this one. Just go watch it and you'll leave with a smile on your face just like you did when you watch other disney classics like The little Mermaid, Aladdin and The Lion King. I give this one a 5/5.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Singapore Trip - Part 3

This is a last look at Singapore several nights before I left. Its some shots of Orchard road from a cab, they had already put up the Christmas lights.

Oh and my hamsters were alive and well after 3 weeks alone. Here's what their cage looked like when I got back.

And finally, here's some of the stuff I brought back with me. Actually I got all these my 2nd day back. I spent about S$400+. Quite a haul huh, should keep me occupied for some time. Gotta love those korean tear jerkers.

Singapore Trip - Part 2

The family took an extended weekend trip to Bangkok. This is another place I've not been to in over 20 years, but man did I have fun here. Since it was a short trip we didn't do any cultural stuff, it was mainly a long shopping trip.
Bangkok sure has changed a lot, its what Kuala Lumpur looked like about 10 odd years ago. In my opinion if you're going to East Asia, Bangkok's gotta be on your list to visit. Unlike Singapore and Malaysia which now resemble just about every other metropolitian city in the world, Bangkok offers the comforts of the western civilization while still retaining its character. (Translated, bargaining is only allowed, its expected).

Sushi is everywhere in Bangkok.

This was the inside of a mall, simply gorgeous.

The cabs in Bangkok are so darn colourful.

Here's the family on an outing to Pat-Pong. An famous daytime outdoor shopping area.

Look at the gorgeous fruit, the colors are so bright and bold!

I found a hidden treasure here, this shop sells hand carved wooden dragons and other fantasy creatures. I really went to town on this shop.

Here's one of the dragon figures I bought.

Here's the one I wished I could have brought home with me.

Oh and piracy is alive and well here in Bangkok. Each dvd costs only 100 baht. That about US$3. WOOT!

And this is us flying back to Singapore.

Singapore Trip - Part 1

The blogging has been at a standstill the past few weeks while I was in Singapore. But I'm back and I took quite a few pictures.

This was my welcome home at the airport after flying about 22 hours.

The main reason for my going back in Nov was to celebrate my Mom's borthday for the first time in over 10 odd years. We all went out to dinner at Li Bai. And below is the group family shot along with the birthday cake.

Had to take a pictue of this. Its an asian fruit called Nangka, its sooo good.

We also did a family weekend in Sentosa, a small island off the coast of Singapore. The last time I was there, the only ways on and off the island were by ferry or cable car, now there's a road connecting it to Singapore which makes thing much easier. Its been over 20 years since I've stepped on the island and man has it changed. Its essentially a beach resort now.

And here I'm showing off my new Crocs. Basically fancy slippers but its comfortable and great for beach ware.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Day Before I leave

I leave for my vacation to Singapore in about 11 hours and I'm just about all packed and ready. My only concern is leaving my hamsters alone for 3 weeks. I've actually bought them a huge new water bottle that should last them, a cool new 2 story house, and filled up 3 bowls of food. I think that should last them.