Thursday, July 28, 2005

Hunk of the Week - July 28th

Its a blast from the past, Rex Chandler.

If you don't know who he is, then you're probably not gay and/or you were born after the 1980's. Say what you will about him, but he had a the height, the looks and body and equipment to fuel fantasies.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Get your head out of the gutter. Its Alan Cumming's new fragrance... Cumming. Pop over to see the commercial.

I'm not sure how I feel about it. I do like him as an actor, and the short monologue he does is quite well done and smart. But would I buy the fragrance? Hmmm... perhaps the fact that perfume isn't exactly number one on my list of must haves, makes me a bad judge for this commercial.

At any rate I just love saying the name of the fragrance... CUMMING!

Source: towleroad.

Create your Gap Commercial

This is the best thing I've seen done with shockwave. Create your own man or woman, even down to his lip size and dress him. Then watch him shake his booty! Its awesome, like watching your own gap commercial.

Click here to see the cutie I made! Isn't he cute? Go make your own and post the link! Thanks once again to queerclick for this awesome find

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

More Dofus

OMG OMG OMG!!! Happy B'day you know who :)

On more Dufus news I found my first set item last night and this morning I spent 30mins before leaving for work farming again and boy am I glad I did. Look at the pics below. I've now got 3 of the adventurer set and man do the bonus stack. I went from doing 11 dmg with my Hand spell to about 15-18 dmg now!!!

Oh and as an extra B'day gift I got an extra hat and ring for you :) Now go farm (7,12) Just jump into all battles and cross your fingers.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

How Target got his yell

Its late and I should be asleep but I just had to post this on my blog when I saw it on Queerclick. Funnest thing I've seen in quite a while.

Robots are getting my blog!

Heh heh heh. Robots is a technical term for programs that go out and search for websites for indexing or what ever. Anyway I just put a statistics gathering site on my blog and got 2 very interesting URL's.

This is a very interesting site. Blogs are treated as shares and you can trade them. Of course my blog is still considered a junk bond or whatever the financial term is called but... ah well I didn't start the blog for fame. Its more my little slice of cyberspace.

Links to bestgayblogs
This is a site that tracks other sites who link to it. Very interesting concept. Never knew such a site existed, but I'll file it away as an intersting bit of triva.

Dofus - what's it stand for?

Going into this weekend I had absolutely no plans. So it was with gleeful delight that I opened up an email from Dofus. It’s a new online game and man is it addictive. The best part is that it is in beta so its free to download and play right now. And that’s the 2nd best thing about the game, it’s the first online game that’s made on Shockwave. What does this mean? Its less than a 10 MB download!!! In this day and age of gigabyte this is actually huge news, at least for techno geeks like me 

So how did I like the game? How does it measure up to other online games on the market like World of Warcraft? Here’s my list of pros and cons:

  • Fast and easy download and installs
  • Cute animation, very Japanese Anime like (Although its made a French developer)
  • Combat is turn based, very much like the Japanese console games A very refreshing change
  • Once you get the hang of it leveling is actually very fast
  • The whole game is soloable you don’t need to group if you choose not to
  • Good tutorial, give you the basics of the game and combat
  • The whole world (that I know of) is safe. Mobs don’t attack you so you can explore the whole world without fear.
    update: I got confirmation that mobs L25 and above do aggro you, so beware. Thanks for the update eins.

  • It’s done by the French and it shows in the translations. It is actually worse than most Japanese game translations I’ve played
  • Very very confusing for beginners. There are no instructions for anything and quests are very widespread and few.
  • Boredom sets in fast because all you do is kill kill kill.
  • Most Quests are the turn in 60 skins of this or that kind and trust me when I say getting 60 anything is not fast or easy.
  • Resolution is fixed. Basically you see your character as a small icon and cannot zoom in.
  • Because of the resolution, its very hard to differentiate people on screen
  • Grouping functionality is almost non existent in the game

I do like the game. Its got a lot of potential and is easy to pick up, its not as heavy or daunting as World of Warcraft. For about $5 a month I could easily see myself playing this game on and off provided they keep the improvement coming 

Here are some tips that I have for the game:
  • Map Coords (-8, -6) – Black Tofu (Just wait for it to appear)
  • Map Coords (3, 1) – Temple of Xelor
  • Map Coords (2,2) - Tailor
  • Map Coords (3,0) - Baker
  • Map Coords (2, -2) - Bank
  • Don’t play the healer class unless you’re playing with friends. Trust me on this.
  • DON”T accept any jobs until you’re 100% sure you want that job. Once you click yes that’s it.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Online Games - Puzzle

The Aim of the game is to simply make sure that none of the lines criss-cross.
And ensure all the dots are outsize the lines.
When you succed, you go to the next level.

Click to play the Game

Hunk of the Week - July 22nd

Name:José Eduardo Verástegui Córdoba
DOB:May 21, 1974
City:Ciudad Mante Tamaulipas
Pre Job:Participant of the band "Kairo"
Other:Starred in the Jennifer Lopez's video "Ain't it funny" (2001) as a gypsy
Height:184 cm (6' 1'')
Occupation:actor, singer, model
Eduardo Verastegui has starred in the following movies My Gardener (2003) playing Eduardo, and Chasing Papi (2003).

Superman Returns - Worst Publicity Shots

When I first heard that Superman was being remade I was on pins and needles. Who would they pick to play the new Superman? A host of famous names crossed the tabloids and when they eventually released the name Brandon Routh everyone went who? And searched franticly for photos of him. They then released the first publicity shots of the new Superman! Its at this point that I almost cried. My very first reaction was, OMG!!! The new superman is butt ugly! And can you blame me?
But heavens be praised, the director of this movie is the much beloved Bryan "X-MEN" Singer who can do no wrong in the eyes of comic book fans. And we now see that Brandon Routh is actually a very comely man of 25. **the angels sing again**
Check out Brandon's web site, its pretty bare bones right now but it does have some cool pics from the shooting of the movie as well some nice quicktime movies of the shooting of the film.

And let me leave you with some excellent pics of the new Superman! PS. If anyone involved with the Superman Returns movie happens to read this blog, FIRE YOUR PUBLICITY GUYS!!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Prince William caught with pants down!

OMG! To be a born a prince, be good looking, AND have a body like that?!? Is there no justice in the world?

Heh heh heh. This would make a great April fool's joke. That's not Prince William. Its a look alike employed by a photographer named Alison Jackson who's released a book with look alikes of the Royal family and celebrities. I did a double take when I saw this picture and just had to post it on my blog too. I don't know how Steph & Alek find these things but I'm glad they do. Here's a few more greats photos from Alison's book.

A Night at the Theater

Gasp!!! An actual post about me doing something! I just watched the musical "Little Shop of Horrors". Its actually very short, started at 7:30pm and I was out by 9:30pm and that includes the interlude.

I'm a bit of a broadway snob, I still hold very firmly to the belief that any show on broadway (New York) is far better than anything a national tour can produce. To date I've yet to be proven wrong. The quality of the casting on broadway is far superior to any national tour I've seen. But that does not mean the national tours are not worth watching. Usually out of the entire cast, there will be a few exceptional singers who really move you. I've had that distinct pleasure on a number of occasions and the same thing happened tonight with Jonathan Rayson as Seymour. I've found it only takes those few exceptional performers to draw you into the show and make the experience all worth while.

There are some who would argue that once a musical has been made into a movie, it would take an exceptional cast to make the price of the ticket worthwhile. I don'ttotally agree with this, but it does hold some truth. The first time I saw Little Shop of Horrors was the movie version starring Rick Moranis, Steve Martin, and Ellen Greene. Its very hard to top those 3. But here's where the director steps in. The movie version changed the story a little and especially the ending of the show. The movie had a happy hollywood ending, but the live musical ends with a terrific number where the alien plant dominates the world. This made the price of the ticket all worthwhile. We don't always need a happy hollywood ending, heck in this instance hollywood could learn a thing or two about plot from the korean and taiwanese directors. Tears sell just as Sunshine and Roses.

I had a very fun night. and for those of you who have never heard of "Little Shop of Horrors", here's a synopsis. Yes its a musical comedy, hence the songs, and Alien plant.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

In case you've been out of it, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince was released Saturday 16th July. And within 24 hours sold 6.9 million in the US, 2 million in the UK. I'd share more sales info worldwide but can't seem to find additional information as yet. It was released internationally though and sold in dozens of countries around the world this weekend, including Mexico, Romania, Israel, Thailand, Pakistan, China, India and Australia.

Figures and such sound impressive but why does it rate top headlines on the news you ask? Well, in the literary world this kind of sales is completely unheard of. For a comparison, since its release, The DaVinci Code had sold 3,005,851 paperback copies. And if you've never heard of the DaVinci Code, then you really don't care anyway :)

According to this article "Typically, a good book will take about four to six months to go gold (selling 500,000) and very few books reach platinum (1 million sold) in the first year of publication." Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince achieved platinum in less than one day.

I see this as good news for 3 reasons.
  1. It promotes reading which is always a good thing especially in children and teens. There are many worse things someone can do than read a 600 page book.
  2. It promotes the concept of fantasy and magic which I happen to think of as a good thing because indirectly fantasy and magic promotes the high ideals of tolerance. This is a little preachy but think about it. If you accept a world that has dragons and elves and dwarfs living together, that's tolerance.
  3. But most importantly, I find comfort in knowing that this story is being embraced by almost all developing and developed nations who have different cultures and who speak different languages. It means that for all our differences, we do share common ground. It fills me with hope that if we can all enjoy this book, perhaps we can all enjoy world peace in the distant future.
Bah enough of the soapbox talk, here's the 4 covers for Book 6.

UK Cover

Deluxe Cover

Adult Cover

US Cover
I finished the book in 24 hours. Started at 3pm on Saturday and finished it about 2+pm on Sunday. Man was that fun. I love this book, like Book 1-4 its very readable . Book 5 was a little hard to reread cos Harry was so mad all the time. Oh and another great thing about having such a large number available on day 1, I didn't have to get in line for the book or even pre-order it. I just had a good night's sleep and then strolled into Costco the next day. They had plenty of copies. :)

Great Potter Info site
Harry Potter Spells

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Color iPods

Found this at Steph & Alek's site and I know you been waiting for it zonderling. Heh actually I'd rather lick the model's abs than the ipod but... whatever turns you on :)

Nerd Score

Got this great nerd test from perculiarities. Posting this just cos it reinforces my nerd status.
I am nerdier than 56% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

Heh heh heh I'm actually not as nerdy as I thought I was.

Stargate SG1 & Atlantis

ALIGHT!!! Stargate SG1 returns with Season 9 and a completely new storyline as well as some cast changes. Ben Browder of Farscape fame replaces Richard Dean Anderson. And this season on its not about the Ancients and Goa'ulds anymore. This time we start exploring Arthurian mythology! YES!!! A breath of fresh air and here's hoping to another 9 seasons of Stargate SG1.
The pilot episode of season 9 was awesome. Ben is everything I wanted him to be and more. He's not acting as the straight laced military type, but is bringing his brand of humor (see Farscape) to the role of Lt. Col Cameron Mitchell. Excellent!!!

Claudia Black reprises her role as Vala (see Season 8 - PROMETHEUS UNBOUND). She's amazing in the role, spunky and sexy and dishes out shit with humor. Its also fun to see her and Ben in Stargate when you know they also worked together on Farscape.

Here's a pic of my fave 3 characters currently on Stargate SG1.
On the Atlantis homefront I'm actually happy. They are spicing up the storyline and making some very good choice. First is with the character of Lt. Ford. In my book this guy was a total waste of space. He did nothing for the storyline, did nothing for eye candy, had little to no unique character. But now he's getting interesting! They spliced Wraith DNA into him and he's now a wild cannon, I love it.

And they brought in a new character (he's not gonna be in the show till episode 3 but I think I'm gonna like him. He's Jason Momoa soon to be known as Ronon Dex. And if he looks familiar its cos you probably watched Baywatch.
Quite a change Huh?! But he's tall, he's eye candy, and I think he'll complement Sheppard very well. I love the character of Sheppard, but Joe Flanigan is not exactly the "he-man" figure that you'd naturally rely on for fire power. He's more the silver toungued leader of the group with a cute smile, sly look and quirky humor. So Ronon Dex is gonna be his Teal'c.

And since Jason Momoa is a hunk, I would be remiss if I didn't provide some information about him :)
Full Name: Joseph Jason Namakaeha Momoa
Born: August 1, 1979
Height: 6' 4"
Weight: 210
Nationality: Hawaiian/German/Irish

Official Fanclub