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Katamari Damacy

Over 4th of July Weekend I bought a PS2 game called Katamari Damacy. It's really a very strange and addictive game. You play a prince of some wierd world (yes that you on the bottom right with the pill shaped head). Evidently someone pulled a bu bu and all the stars have now disappeared from the heavens. It was a most unfortunate accident.

Your father the king now gives you missions to go to earth and use the Katamari, which is this very sticky ball and your goal is to roll the ball and pick up everything you see. As you do this the ball grows bigger and bigger. This is important for 2 reasons. Ther size of your Katamari determines what objects you can pick up, and the larger your Katamari, the bigger and brighter the star you create.

As I said, a very strange and wierd game. But ... so addictive. And nothing beats picking up your first dog or cat and eventually picking up humans along the way. Its loads of fun seeing and hearing them run in fear of your Katamari.

How much fun is it you ask? Well... enough that some fan has posted the instructions on how to make your very own Katamari Damacy Cake. Its got instructions for the frosting and everything!

I love finding new games to torture and compell my pal zonderling to play. She's got a nortoriously short atttention span but is surprizingly good at puzzle games. The trick is to find a game that addictive enough that she'll spend hours on.

Bwahahaha. The silliest game premise I'd ever heard.

But you liked it didn't you. Come on, admit it.

No comment. :) Did you get past Star 7?

Not yet. Have not played it since. I did a Queer as Folk marathon this weekend. 8 episodes and watched this awesome show called Straight-Jacket :)

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