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The first MMORPG to die

Dear AC2 subscribers,

In spite of our hard work and the launch of Legions, AC2 has reached the point where it no longer makes sense to continue the service. We will be officially closing the Asheron's Call 2 service on 12/30/05. Until then, we plan to run live events, but we will not be adding any content or features.

We deeply appreciate the many dedicated fans of AC2 who have stood by us over the years. You have our sincerest gratitude.

Best regards,

Jeffrey Anderson
CEO, Turbine

This is the first MMORPG I know of that has officially closed its doors. Heck even Ultima Online which was the first MMORPG to debut in 1997 is still around. I tried AC2 when it was in beta and I have to say that I'm not surprised it closed its doors. It didn't impress me then and its done nothing since.

Nooooooooo! Heh heh heh... it was launched at the wrong time.

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