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Serenity - The Cast

Heh In case you can't tell I LOVE this series, and I'm sooo excited about the movie.

How much do I love it? I'd pass a night with Derek Cameron, or Erik Hanson, or Hal Rockland, or Jeremy Penn, even Lukas Ridgeston. But not Pavel Novotny!
If you don't know who those names are, you're probably not gay.

The Charming Captain

The tough badass 2nd in command

The funny pilot, who is also married to the tough badass 2nd in command

The beautiful worldy woman of the night. (Whore <- That's what the charming captain calls her)

The big dumb tough guy

The innocent and pure mechanic

The hunky handsome doctor who saves his sister

The deranged sister who harbors a deep dark secret

The preacher who seems to know all the right people

You are right - I don't know any of the names. :) I'm sooooo excited about Serenity too....

Have downloaded the Podcast called the Signal. There is a little bit of Chinese lessons in it. Some of the things they teach you how to say include:

Stupid son of of a drooling whore and a monkey.


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