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Nintendogs - Update

With sales of a quarter of a million units in its first week of availability, Nintendogs(TM) is not only America's hottest-selling video game, but the best-selling new game franchise ever for a portable system.
... The three versions of Nintendogs and the DS unit itself consistently rank at the top of Amazon.com's best-selling list of all video game products.
Click here for the full article.

I love this game. I've actually formed a connection with my little Anago. He's not good at doing tricks but he's amazing at catching the frisbee. And I just love how his short little legs make him look like he's lopping about instead of running. Here are some more pictures of him.

PS. The other dog you see in 2 of the pictures is just his friend that we sometimes bump into when we walk to the park.

OMG - he's sooooo cute!

Dude, word to the wise, don't have the light source behind you. Have it to the side.

Stand far back and zoom in with the Macro setting.

Your shadow on the screen is scary like those slasher movie poster, maybe: "Dog Stalker".


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