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The 4400

I just finished watching the Season Finale for The 4400. I LOVE THIS SHOW!!! Its a lot like the Stargate series in that all the episodes have a reason for being shown and as the series goes on they tie in what's happened in previous episodes into the main plot. The best part is that you know there is a main plot line that they are working towards.

Because the series is so short (Season 1 is only 6 episodes, season 2 is 13 episodes) there's very little time for "filler" episodes. So every episode does tie into the main plot line.

The bombs they dropped are:
- Jordan is still alive
- There is a WAR and it has just started
- The little baby? She disappears from her crib, appears in Shawn's breakfast table naked and about 16 years old... literally overnight.

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