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Personal Musings

I had a GREAT day so far. Being single and a type B personality (read laid back) my weekends tend to be lazy and might even consist of me spending the whole day in bed reading. Not today, no siree.

About a week ago I bought a Pedometer from amazon. Now I've always had a weight problem and tried everything from protein diets to getting a personal trainer to joining LA WeightLoss. I've had reasonable success with them all but the problem lies with maintaining. So the latest thing I'm buying into is walking 10,000 steps a day. The aim here is to lead a healthy life and not aim for those 6-pack abs. I've had the pedometer over a week now and average about 3500-5500 steps a day. But this is the day that I made myself go out and walk. As you can see 55 mins of brisk walking achieved my goal. Those steps also translate into about 5.32 miles. Right now I'm aiming to do the same thing tomorrow. Get up early and go for a brisk walk. Ideaily it should be a daily thing but I'm starting small. If I can do this every weekend, it'll be quite a breakthru for me.

I then got a haircut and did some grocery shopping. Both my weekly groceries as well as chinese groceries. To the right is a picture of some really good wings. The orange sauce is kinda hit or miss but these wings are absolutely fabulous. If you've got a Sam's club nearby I highly recommend these wings.

Next I went to "Shung Hur" in uptown for chinese groceries. Now if you live in Minneapolis you'll know that uptown isn't exactly close to my place. But I love going there because they also sell freshly roasted Duck, Chicken, Pork etc. So tonight's dinner is gonna be Duck and pork with noodles and mushrooms. Yum!

On my way back I remembered that Halfprice Books was having a 20% off everything sale, so naturally I had to pop in and check it out. Books are a great weakness of mine. People have shoe fetishes, I have book fetishes. I love browsing and buying books. But lately I seem to be buying them a lot faster than I can read them which leads to me having a rather sizeable backlog.

Regardless I gave in to temptation and went wild as you can see. All those books only cost $37!!! I'm just really thankful that my "fetish" is relatively cheap, so I'm not gonna harp on the fact that I spend way too much on books.

So that was my very productive day and why I feel so good today. What's left on the agenda? Well, its Saturday so that means starting 8pm - midnight I have a standing meeting with 39 other folks to go kill some dragons. Tonight's dragon list is Onyxia, Razorgore, Vaelastrasz. Now its off to a bath, dinner and some dragon killing. Hope your day's been as good as mine and
thanks for reading.

OMG. You were so productive. :) Good for you. Also spent tons of money. Hahahaha.

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