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X3 Cast Interview

Go read the whole article, its chock full of great titbits and should hold you overtill X-3 is finally released
Question: For each of you, how have your characters changed between X-Men 2 to X-Men 3? As far as powers, personality?
Halle Berry: And I get to fly [laughs]. That's another Brett Ratner (influence). Yeah, I do get to fly this time.

Hugh Jackman: He's a little sexier in this one though [laughs]

Ian McKellen: For those of us who get really close to Wolverine, we have to admit that his hair is getting even more gorgeous. [laughs].
Question: Speaking to the cast-is it easy to slip back into these roles the third time around, or is it always a challenge?

Hugh Jackman: Easier than the second, but there's always a moment. I said to Brett the first week, "Let's just get through it, I want to watch the monitor with you" and he was great to me from the beginning. After the third day I was like BOOM, there it is. I don't think all the stuff we did on the first few days were useless, but I took a few days. It was just putting it back on for me.
Question: Could you discuss the new actors, and the new characters?

Brett Ratner: I just signed like a 100 page document before I walked into this room (about nondisclosure) [laughs]. Juggernaut, played by Vinnie Jones, is a fantastic character and just a great actor and just a great guy to work with and be on the set with. Juggernaut joins Magneto's group, I won't tell you how, but Magneto picks him up along the way and he becomes part of the Magneto crew. There's Kitty Pryde who's an X-Men that had very small parts in the first two movies, but we decided in this version to expand that character. That's Ellen Page, a brilliant young actress who's done mostly independent films-she's in this brilliant film coming out soon called "Hard Candy".

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