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Have you seen this show? Its called Heroes and its the new Lost. Let's face it, Lost was an awesome show in its first season but season 2 & 3 were dragging. So in comes some new blood with this show called Heroes.

Its premise? 10 individuals discover that they have super powers. Is it the product of an experiment? are they alliens? Nope. They are the crowning achievement of mother nature, they are what we will eventially evolve to if given the chance.

Oh... did I mention that the end of the world is coming as well and that only they can save us all? Its not as cheesy as it sounds, the cast is excellient, the writing somber and dark and grips you and pulls you in week after week. I'm in love with this show.
This guys is Masi Oka, or more familiar is his character in Heroes (Hiro Nakamura). He's dorky, he bumbling, he's not pretty, but of everyone in the cast, he's the one person you want to watch! He literally steals the screen when he's on. His power in the show is the ability to bend time.

Oh and here's a little titbit, in real life, Masi Oka is a programmer. FOR ILM!!!! Indistrial Light and Magic!!!! The same company that George Lukas founded. Here's a very interesting article by Wired about him. After all, how many nerdy programmers do you know end up on Prime Time Television!



Yes, I love it finally something interesting to watch on regular network tv. None of this reality bullshit.

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