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My 2nd level 60!

People meet Isale, he just achieved level 60 after 2+ years of play! WOOT!!! My second level 60 character on World of Warcraft.

So now I have 2 level 60's. Astir (Priest) and Isale (Mage). Astir is decked out in Tier 2 gear and close to getting Tier 3. Isale is sadly still stuck in his level 40's and 50's gear, although he does have 2 Magister pieces. Still with Burning Crusade coming out that's all gonna change.

And for those of you who didn't understand the paragraphs above, don't bother, just look at the pretty pictures. :)


Wow, you are so nerdy. That's awesome.

If you haven't seen this already, I urge you to watch it. There may still be time for you, yet. Make love, not warcraft.


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