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New Eyebrows

I had a morning dentist visit this morning and a new spa/salon opened up beside the dentist. It was fairly empty and I decided to pop in and ask about how much and how long an eyebrow job work take.

Its something I've wanted to do for a while but never quite got around to it. My eyebrows were untidy, not quite a uni-brow but the picture below is definitely an improvement. I'll definitely do it again. Its only $20 and took about 10 mins.


Hey bro,
Finally you got the eyebrows done . . looks like its 100% the price in Bangkok. Damn painful experience hor. Can't really tell how it looks on you coz don't have a view of how re-shaped eyebrows now sit on the face. Will see you when i see you. Hope your new job brings you good feelings instead of stress from the travel, hamsters home alone . . you near enough to Sharon?

The sis

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