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Game Review: AudioSurf

One of the hottest games to appear in the past month is Audiosurf. It's really a very fun game, essentially, it plays any music you have stored on your computer and turns the track into a visual roadmap like the one seen below.

As the song progresses you collect more tiles of the same color, create combos, get more points. This part of the game is more like Tetris, except the speed of the game is the tempo of the song.

Its fun and addictive because you're choosing songs that you enjoy (else why would it be on your PC) and dynamically creating a unique track. I highly recommend it to everyone especially since its only $10. Download the demo from Steam and give it a try.

Sadly, with most of my songs coming from Musicals, they tend to be on the slow side. But thankfully ABBA plays very nicely.


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