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Happy Thanksgiving 2008

Since I had the week off from work and I knew that cooking a turkey would take a long time for one person to consume, I actually cooked my thanksgiving meal on Saturday. So I've been eating turkey for the past 5 days already.

These are pictures of roasted red potatoes with garlic and thyme before going in the oven and a picture of a pre-cooked turkey that only needs 2 hours in the oven and its ready to eat.

Here's the turkey after it came out of the oven! I think it looks very good.

I thought I needed some veggies so I whipped up some broccoli, boiled in boiling water and seasoned with butter and salt. Simple and very delicious.

Here's the potatoes cooked.

Can't just have turkey, so I made this Orange and Avocado on spinach.

And finally here we have the plating. A little turkey, gravy, potatoes and broccoli.


hei bro seeing all these goodies made me miss Eden Prairie even more...:(. Anyway, looking forward to see u when u get back here in hot and b*&##%y humid Singapore..:)

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