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Christmas 2010

There's a lot of snow in Minneapolis this year. Here's a picture of the amount of snow that fell when the top of the metro dome fell in.

Here's a picture of the outside of the house on Christmas Eve. Lot of snow.

Here's what I'm having for Christmas Eve, also Christmas Day and the day after. Its a really big Prime Rib with the bone in and took 6 hours in the over to cook. Accompanied with mushrooms and onions and asparagus and its wonderful.

Here's the Prime Rib sliced. Click on the picture for a close up. I think it looks awesome.

And here is the first plate. BTW its really big piece of meat.

And here's my Christmas Gifts for 2010. Actually its what I purchased in the month of December. There's a lot less books than I usually get but that because I download almost all my books into my Kindle nowadays.

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