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Alaska Trip - Day 15 (In NYC)

Its Wednesday and our first full day in New York City. Its so easy to forget just how crowded this city can get, its very unique and all the people and the huge billboards and its simply perfect for people watching.

This is also the first time that I have ever tried going on the red double decker buses. Its actually a very good way to see the entire city and it goes to all the major tourist spots.

The next 2 videos are mostly just snatches of the bus sight seeing. So feel free to skip if it get's boring.

We mainly saw some sights from the bus and then spent the day at the Metropolitian Museum. This place is huge and its always fun to spend a few hours, besides I never knew that my dad was interested in seeing art.

PS. All video footage was taken illegally. Seems you can take all the photos you want (without flash), but no videos. Which is yet another reason the Vado which looks like a phone is so awesome.

After the Museum, we took a cab to Chinatown and had an early dinner. There's a nice short video of a lady making wantons. We also decide to turn in early.

Here are some choice photos from the museum and the 2nd last one is mom posing in the re-created chinese scholar garden in the museum itself.

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