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Alaska Trip - Day 10/Ship 6

Day 6 on the ship and we are at our 3rd port of call. The very picturesque town of Ketchikan. Here we are signed up for a tour to see Bald eagles, totems and a lighthouse.

You'll notice the amazing view of the sea and the surrounding. It was a beautiful day. Ketchikan usually has about 15 feet of rain a year so its almost always raining year round or snowing. Today was one of the rare days of sunshine. In fact this was the 4th day in a row with no rain and they are close to calling it a drought. Seriously.

This video is a must watch if you like dogs. Especially a not so bright one swimming in very cold waters.

The final video shows the town of Ketchikan and the rest of day 6 on the ship.

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