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Superman Returns - Worst Publicity Shots

When I first heard that Superman was being remade I was on pins and needles. Who would they pick to play the new Superman? A host of famous names crossed the tabloids and when they eventually released the name Brandon Routh everyone went who? And searched franticly for photos of him. They then released the first publicity shots of the new Superman! Its at this point that I almost cried. My very first reaction was, OMG!!! The new superman is butt ugly! And can you blame me?
But heavens be praised, the director of this movie is the much beloved Bryan "X-MEN" Singer who can do no wrong in the eyes of comic book fans. And we now see that Brandon Routh is actually a very comely man of 25. **the angels sing again**
Check out Brandon's web site, its pretty bare bones right now but it does have some cool pics from the shooting of the movie as well some nice quicktime movies of the shooting of the film.

And let me leave you with some excellent pics of the new Superman! PS. If anyone involved with the Superman Returns movie happens to read this blog, FIRE YOUR PUBLICITY GUYS!!!

Hahahaha. That's funny. The pictures that you found were much better than the publicity shots.

personally, I think the new Superman suit sucks. I don't like the darker colours. Maybe it has to grow on me.

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