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Stargate SG1 & Atlantis

ALIGHT!!! Stargate SG1 returns with Season 9 and a completely new storyline as well as some cast changes. Ben Browder of Farscape fame replaces Richard Dean Anderson. And this season on its not about the Ancients and Goa'ulds anymore. This time we start exploring Arthurian mythology! YES!!! A breath of fresh air and here's hoping to another 9 seasons of Stargate SG1.
The pilot episode of season 9 was awesome. Ben is everything I wanted him to be and more. He's not acting as the straight laced military type, but is bringing his brand of humor (see Farscape) to the role of Lt. Col Cameron Mitchell. Excellent!!!

Claudia Black reprises her role as Vala (see Season 8 - PROMETHEUS UNBOUND). She's amazing in the role, spunky and sexy and dishes out shit with humor. Its also fun to see her and Ben in Stargate when you know they also worked together on Farscape.

Here's a pic of my fave 3 characters currently on Stargate SG1.
On the Atlantis homefront I'm actually happy. They are spicing up the storyline and making some very good choice. First is with the character of Lt. Ford. In my book this guy was a total waste of space. He did nothing for the storyline, did nothing for eye candy, had little to no unique character. But now he's getting interesting! They spliced Wraith DNA into him and he's now a wild cannon, I love it.

And they brought in a new character (he's not gonna be in the show till episode 3 but I think I'm gonna like him. He's Jason Momoa soon to be known as Ronon Dex. And if he looks familiar its cos you probably watched Baywatch.
Quite a change Huh?! But he's tall, he's eye candy, and I think he'll complement Sheppard very well. I love the character of Sheppard, but Joe Flanigan is not exactly the "he-man" figure that you'd naturally rely on for fire power. He's more the silver toungued leader of the group with a cute smile, sly look and quirky humor. So Ronon Dex is gonna be his Teal'c.

And since Jason Momoa is a hunk, I would be remiss if I didn't provide some information about him :)
Full Name: Joseph Jason Namakaeha Momoa
Born: August 1, 1979
Height: 6' 4"
Weight: 210
Nationality: Hawaiian/German/Irish

Official Fanclub

Now that they have those two characters from Farscape, I might actually try to watch it...

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