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A Night at the Theater

Gasp!!! An actual post about me doing something! I just watched the musical "Little Shop of Horrors". Its actually very short, started at 7:30pm and I was out by 9:30pm and that includes the interlude.

I'm a bit of a broadway snob, I still hold very firmly to the belief that any show on broadway (New York) is far better than anything a national tour can produce. To date I've yet to be proven wrong. The quality of the casting on broadway is far superior to any national tour I've seen. But that does not mean the national tours are not worth watching. Usually out of the entire cast, there will be a few exceptional singers who really move you. I've had that distinct pleasure on a number of occasions and the same thing happened tonight with Jonathan Rayson as Seymour. I've found it only takes those few exceptional performers to draw you into the show and make the experience all worth while.

There are some who would argue that once a musical has been made into a movie, it would take an exceptional cast to make the price of the ticket worthwhile. I don'ttotally agree with this, but it does hold some truth. The first time I saw Little Shop of Horrors was the movie version starring Rick Moranis, Steve Martin, and Ellen Greene. Its very hard to top those 3. But here's where the director steps in. The movie version changed the story a little and especially the ending of the show. The movie had a happy hollywood ending, but the live musical ends with a terrific number where the alien plant dominates the world. This made the price of the ticket all worthwhile. We don't always need a happy hollywood ending, heck in this instance hollywood could learn a thing or two about plot from the korean and taiwanese directors. Tears sell just as Sunshine and Roses.

I had a very fun night. and for those of you who have never heard of "Little Shop of Horrors", here's a synopsis. Yes its a musical comedy, hence the songs, and Alien plant.

You lost me at the first mention of an alien plant...

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