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Finally! Complete DVD sets

Mark your calenders, November 15, 2005 is when they will releases the complete DVD sets for Friends and Buffy. Both will contain 40 discs and retails for $209.99 and $139.99 from amazon respectively.

I already own almost the entire set for Friends but I got it from Asia (Shhhhhh... don't tell) so this might be a good time for me to get the whole set with the pretty box and all. As for Buffy, I seen a few episodes here and there, but I have liked what I'm seen so this might be a great deal.

Of course by this time next year, they'll probably release the 10 disc HD DVD version of the collections with added bonuses. But that's another gripe for another post for another time.

Old post. You'll be happy to know that the price of the Friends Complete Season DVDs have come down significantly.

What I great purchase. Have you bought all the episodes yet?

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