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Which male X-men character would you date?

Which male X-men character would you date?
brought to you by Quizilla

Click on the link to take the quiz. My date is WOLVERINE! And I got it in only 1 try. WOOHOO Jackpot.

You got WOLVERINE! Also known as Logan, this guy is gruff and manly, a hardass with a heart of
gold. You'll never have to be afriad walking
down a dark alley with him. He'll protect you
to the death, but don't try and make him admit
he loves you...

I got Wolverine too! The quiz is too easy...

yep, i got him too. he's probably the one most gay guys are gonna get with him being everything any guy would want.

Hee hee I got Remy as per usal but hey who could resist de Cajun charm. He speacks cajun by da way, not french. Its a different deilect.

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