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I found my Pick Me Up

Just discovered what was missing to get me thru the day. I know people love buying and listening to CD's but I was never very big on music. I prefer listening to the same CD's over and over again which I'll admit get's old after a while. And when I get a new CD I tend to play it to death.

Anyway I digress, I'm a TV addict so I figured why not listen to TV shows all day instead of music? I bought this program - DVD Audio Ripper online and it works like a charm. It takes about 10mins to rip an entire DVD into a .wav or .mp3 format and then you just burn it to a CD and listen to it at work.

JOY TO THE WORLD! Today at work I listened to several episodes of Friends Season 1 and I was going all day :) Its awesome! I can't wait to rip The Simpsons and the rest of Friends as well. Granted that not all TV show's will work with this method, action shows would simply suck. I think sitcom's work the best, Friends and probably Frasier would work exceptionally well.

There's an added benefit that each track is about 22 mins long and each CD holds about 15-20 episodes so a single CD will probably last you several days. But this will not work with all CD players so be warned, I can listen to it on a computer but not the car CD player. I also have Season 1 of the Mupphet Show coming from Netflix and can't wait to listen to it :)

Go on, say it, I'm a freak! But a happy one.

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