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Guild Wars

This whole weekend has been spent doing one thing... well 2 actually. Playing a new computer game called Guild Wars and catching up on my DVR watching. Because there's been a huge lack of programming on TV, I've resorted to taping General Hospital (GASP! I'm reduced to watching daytime soaps!!!). Well, at least some of the guys are really cute :)

I'll might bore you with the details of the game in later posts but for right now I'll post the pics of my characters. Click on the pics for their names and a full body picture.
Dong Fang Bu Bai (Left) - Is a sexy small chinese looking femail who specialises in Necromancy. Yep, I see her raiding the undead and hopefully wearling green and looking sexy and dark.

Isale Larval (Center)- Is currently my main character. He's a straight Blaster. Casting fire spells and blowing everything in his way. Like the purple hair and pirate pony tail? He's currently level 8.

Sir Emyln the Grey (Right)- Is going to be a suave gentleman. He's a Mesmer, not big on killing, but more subtle. What does that mean? I'm not too sure either. Never played a Mesmer before, but he does look cool wiht the mask huh?

He looks gay with the mask. :) The chick is cool though.

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