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Joke a rama

A bartender is... tending his bar, and it's near closing time. Minutes before closing time, twenty blondes enter the bar chanting "71 days" and order twenty botttles of champagne and sixty glasses. The bartender is tired and confused, but it is a very profitable order; that, and the bartender isn't the kind of person who would turn away that many soon to be soused blondes, if ya know what I mean . So, the bar stays open.

So the bartender gets the order, and soon the party starts. There's smiling, dancing, and many requests for the "We are the Champions" song.

Soon, twenty more blondes enter the bar, chanting "71 days". The bartender is still very confused about the meaning of "71 days," but they are paying customers, and the bartender doesn't want to appear nosey.

A little later, twenty more blondes enter the bar, chanting "71 days" even more raucously than the other two groups, and they reverently carry in the bar what appeared to be a picture of a puppy.

Finally, curiosity overwhelmed the bartender, who went up to a partying blonde and asked, "What does 71 days mean?"

The Blonde replied, "We blondes are sick and tired of our reputation as idiots and airheads, so to prove our intelligence, we got together and did a puzzle! The box said 3-4 years, but we finished in only 71 days!"

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