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DVD - The Wedding Date

Click here for my review of this show. I rated the show a 7/10 with the caveat that you like romantic comedies and the 2 main stars, Debra Messing and Dermot Mulroney. Here's something else to note and scale your expectations of the movie:
The budget is only $15 million. As a comparison, Wimbledon had a budget of $30 million. So that's why this show suffers a little in the plot and characters. But it did make money, it grossed a total of $46 million which is pretty damn good.

The 2nd problem is the director. Being an avid movie watcher, it becomes more and more apparent that directors are what makes the show. Clare Kilner, has only directed 1 other show. And to my thinking romantic comedies are fairly easy to direct. GOOD romantic comedies are perhaps the hardest movies to direct.
Here are some eye candy scenes from the movie:

And as an added bonus... 2 pics I call crack and 2 cheeks.

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