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New Horror Show

This is a new horror show coming up. But in case you didn't know this one has a little twist. Its the first ever gay horror show.

You read right. Gay Horror Show. It's a horror show where the main characters are gay. Also young and hard bodied, but that's a given.

Actually its a pretty smart idea, and one that's long over due. There is a definate market for this kind of movie. After all ever heard of David DeCoteau ? He's made a career of directing B grade (direct to video) horror movies with pretty men in them. So as long as this movie is at least as good as those videos (and trust me the bar is very very low) it should do fairly well.

Official Site

Source: ohlalaparis

I don't get it. Why must they segregate it into gay horror shows vs straight horror shows? At the end of the day, they are all pretty people and the show is all bad anyway. :)

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