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2005 Fall TV Review - Part 1


Sypnosis- UFO lands on earth, allens take over 5 individuals, secret task force setup to search them out.

NBC spent lots of money on this series and it shows in the production value. Some of the cast is very good and draws you in, especially the main actor and actress. Although I might rethink some of the supporting cast.

Some reviewers panned this show and I'm not quite sure why. The 2 hour series permiere was fairly good and drew you in. The success of the series will be in the writing. The subject matter isn't really original and while the first episode set things up, it will depend on how they follow through. I don't think an X-files scenario where they drag the whole thing out over 5 years will work.

My thoughts? If they take a tip from The 4400 and move the plots up making each episode add value to the whole picture, this might be a huge hit. (7/10)


Sypnosis- A family (2 brothers) are trained to solve/investigate strange happenings by their father after mother get's killed by a strange creature. Brothers are grown up and now solve/investigate strange happenings themselves.

- I really wanted to like this show, but so far I'm still unimpressed. Our 2 heroes, while good looking don't exactly have much screen presense. On top of this the plot for the first show is just barely passable. Typical WB fair which means ... nothing original or unique or engaging. If the plots don't jazz up, this series won't see a 2nd season. I mean come on! The big scary mystery for the pilot was a "White Woman", aka female who committed suicide and soul is not at rest. HELLO!?! Even the term "White Woman" seems so ... mundane. 10 years ago this might have been interesting but not today. (3/10)


Season 2 and I'm happy to report that Mr. House is as big a bastard as he was in Season 1. The dialogue is excellent, scarcastic, biting. I'm assuming that his ducklings (the 3 docters under him) will be developed a little more but as long as House remains a bastard and keeps up his off beat humor, this series will be a huge crowd pleaser. (9/10)

Gilmore Girls

I love this series despite the fact that its on WB. The writing is intelligent, and the cast very very likable. Did I mention I love this series? This season will focus on Rory and her mother's falling out and its not painful to watch, in fact the series makes you eager for a confrontation.

And in true form the supporting cast continue their excellent quirkyness. LOL, Kurt romances old ladies so that he can get their diamond rings after they pass on, GENIUS! and not as icky as it sounds, you just gonna know Kurt to understand. (9/10)


Sypnosis- In a nutshell its about and an anthropologist and a FBI agent who solve crimes a la CSI style.

- I had idea what this show was about before watching it aside that David Boreanaz (Angel) was in it. I'll admit that Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz have good chemistry, for that matter the whole supporting cast is fairly good too. But there are already so many shows like this, CSI, Crossing Jordan, etc etc etc. Do we really need another one? I was not suitably impressed or unimpressed with this show. Its pretty average fair although production quality and acting was quite good. (6/10)


This show was interesting in season 1. But for season 2 they need a new hook. Her having psychic powers just isn't enough. The writing is pretty good but... I just don't feel the cast gelling together. I'll probably tune in for a couple more episodes but unless they do SOMETHING different, I'll probably drop it. (6/10)


Sypnosis- Something in the water lurks.

I was not really into this show and the previews did nothing to draw me in. But after watching the pliot I'm really pumped about this show. The production values are excellent, the studios are obviously throwing tons of money on this series and its not just a simple creature in the water concept. This is a potential alliens came billions of years ago and were in stasis under the oceans for all this time but are now waking up. Are they Alliens? Its not confirmed but this is happening on a global scale and these things are ... dangerous. Yep, I went from disinterest to really pumped in about 30 mins. (9/10)

Las Vegas

Season 3. I have to say that I was losing interest in the show towards the middle of season 2, but the fanale really perked my interest. They actually blew up the whole casio. And now they are starting with most of the old cast and some new additions to spice things up and it looks like they are going after what made them a hit in the first place. Basically putting the SIN back in SIN city.

Heh heh heh having a scene with Josh shirtless in the hot LV sun is reason enough for me to tune in. Here's to hoping for more Sin. (8/10)

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