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Mid-Autumn Fesitival - Mooncake Season

The Mid-Autumn Fesitival or Zhōngqiūjié (in mandarin) falls on 18th September this year. Basically, it marks the moon when its at its fullest and brightest (Autumn Equinox) and more importantly, its Mooncake season!

Never had a mooncake? Its a delightful little cake that's sweet and is typically eaten with chinese tea.

There are tons of variations for the mooncake. Here's a few.

This last pictire is a Teochew Mooncake, thanks recentrunes. Too bad I'll probably never get to try it.

I love mooncakes but its really bad for the waistline. Also they only sell them in tin's of 4 cakes, since I live alone, that racks up about 8000 calories. I tried to introduce my american colleges to mooncakes but... that was just a waste of good cake. I have 2 fave mooncakes, the 4 yolk special and the green almond skin mooncake with melon seed paste.

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