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Legend of the Mid Autumn Festival

Wikipedia has got several variations of the legend of how the Mid Autumn Festival came about. BUt... NONE of them seem familiar to me.

As I recall the legend I was told growing up is as follows:
Long long ago, the daughter of a deity fell in love with mortal man. Her father (a minor deity - chinese had lots of deities) was not happy and so separated the 2 lovers by imprisoning his daughter on the moon and the 2 lovers were parted.

The lady of the moon took pity on the 2 lovers and on this one day of the year created a bridge made of moonlight so that the daughter could cross over to the mortal realm for 1 night and be with her love.

The father had posted guards to prevent his daughter from escaping the moon. And so people took pity on the lovers and made these sticky moon shaped cakes and gave it to the guards. The cakes were very sticky and after eating them the guards were prevented from telling tales to the father. Thus were the lovers able to be reunited for 1 night a year.

Am I smoking crack? Does anyone else remember this version of the legend?

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