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Labor Day Weekend - Part 2

This weekend is a long weekend for us in the States. Monday is Labor day. And here's how I'm going to spend the next 2+ days.

I got DVD's from netflix, 2 PS2 games, 3 new books, and of course playing with my dog on the Nintendo DS. I won't finish everything but this should ensure that I won't be bored this weekend. I actually planned all this on Monday and joined gamefly for the PS2 game and made sure Netflix sent me the DVD's in time for this weekend. It might seem pathetic to some but us loney introverts need to plan these things. :) And yes I read romance novels, they're fast reads, they're sexy and they're cheap.

Disgaea: Hour of Darkness for the PS2 is a game I'm especially looking forward to. I started it last night and already I know I'm gonna be addicted to it. Gotta love a game that allows you to collect up to 104 different characters, has over 90 different professions for the characters to choose from, allows you to level up the characters to lvl 999 and even their items can be levelled up to lvl 99. This is gonna take me awhile. Typically this game racks up 50-60 hours to complete, and that's just to complete the main storyline. Damn those japanese for coming up with Strategy RPG's.

Anyway, that's my weekend. Anyone else got anything fun lined up?

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