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Cute Animal Quiz

Heh Quid Pro Quo. RecentRunes just posted this fun quiz.

I actually like being a turtle. The more I think about it the more the turtle fits me. I think I'll officially comandeer the turtle as my animal of choice. Low maintenance, long life spans and minimal contact required. The perfect pet.
You Are A: Turtle!

turtleThese reptiles, famous for their hard outer shells, spent their days roaming for food and relaxing in the water. As a turtle you are not very speedy, nor are you soft and cuddly. You tend to hide in your shell and you aren't much of a sprinter, but you are quite tough. You also happen to be as cute as you are fascinating.

You were almost a: Bear Cub or a Frog
You are least like a: Squirrel or a ParakeetCute Animal Quiz!

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