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Movie Release - RENT

Oh RENT fans are in for SUCH a treat. If you're a fan of RENT, or musicals, or live theater, you've gonna love RENT. It stay true to the stage version and there are no surprises but this is so well done. I was a little apprehensive about the ending being too cheesy but they dealt with it very well. (RENT fans will know what I'm talking about).

I've seen RENT 3 times on stage and it occurrs to me that each different cast beings with it a different emphasis on the characters. Because this is an ensemble performance no one person really gets top billing and its up to the cast members to make their characters shine through. For the Movie version, Anthony Rapp who plays Mark Cohen and Wilson Jermaine Heredia who plays Angel are in my opinion the stars of this cast. They are the glue that holds everyone together. Oh and remember the Cow jumps over the moon monologue by Maureen? Just seening Idina Menzel's version is worth the price of the ticket.

I give this movie a 8.5/10 if you're the kind who enjoys musicals/stage. The downsides are that some parts are slow when compared to the stage version. But that aside I LOVED it.

Just watch it live in sing, Karen Mork Suck big time!

S'pore is has a tour of RENT? Cool. And who is the world is Karen Mork? Call me biased but asians just don't quite fit the demographic of this show. Unless they happen to look like Rosario Dawson and sing like Lea Selonga.

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