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'Smallville' Spawns Aquaman Show

News Post: Based on the ratings success of the recent "Aqua" episode on the WB's "Smallville," the network has given the show's producers the go-ahead to create and executive-produce a new show based on the DC hero, Aquaman, according to SciFi Wire.

Al Gough and Miles Millar have been signed to make the untitled show that will revolve around Arthur Curry, Aquaman's civilian identity. Variety reports that the network has already begun casting for the pilot, although Alan Ritchson, who played the character on "Smallville," will not return to the role.

The producers want to make the new show as character-focused as "Smallville" is, with some superheroics mixed in. Like "Smallville," the show won't use the hero's name in the title nor will it ever be spoken during any of the episodes. However, the show will not be considered a "Smallville" spin-off in any way.

Millar said that he and Gough want to make "a grounded version of the Aquaman mythology," specifically focusing on Arthur Curry, who "knows what he wants to do with his life, which is protect the oceans."

Gough says the series will not be titled "Aquaman" and the character will not be "talking to fish or riding a seahorse."

Millar said he and Gough are hoping to create "a grounded version of the Aquaman mythology," focusing on Arthur Curry who "knows what he wants to do with his life, which is protect the oceans ... The stories will come from the environment: ocean polluters, evil oil companies ... There's a mystery surrounding the disappearance of (Curry's) mother and the Bermuda Triangle."

Curry will be able to breathe underwater and have superstrength. The character's adopted father will be an officer in the Coast Guard, and he'll have a mentor to train him.
Casting calls are currently out for this show. Click here to see the requirements for the casting call, interesting read.

I'm glad that we're getting an Aquaman show, a little apprehensive on the direction of the show though. Its fine if they don't want to make a smallville spinoff or concentrate on the "super powers" but please don't make it just another soul struggling gifted person in the normal world. That would just be too mundane.

I'm also glad that 'Alan Ritchson' won't be in the show. He was decent eye candy but man his acting sucked. Still I do hope the new Aquaman is easy on the eyes :p

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