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My Thanksgiving

This is my actual Thanksgiving Dinner today. For the mian course I'm having Roast Duck, Cheesy mashed potatos, Chicken & Mazzarella Ravioli and Garlic French Loaf. For greens I have Edamame and Desert is Grapes and Pistachio Ice-cream.

This is also my first meal of the day. I slept at 8am this morning and didn't get up till about 4pm. What was I doing you ask? Look down 2 posts! I was playing Warcraft :)

I was invited to Thanksgiving by a friend last weekend. Here are some pics. My Contribution was Roasted Duck on Mushroom Risotto. It was a fun night.
My Contribution to the DinnerBrian, Janice and their son BJ

What happened to your appetite?

Its gotten smaller!

Hurry home dude. Got to feed you up.

p.s. Here's my thanksgiving dinner:


This weekend is bad. Back to back meals.


At least you had turkey. :) I had leftover Ethiopian food.

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