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News - Black Friday

Black Friday - so named because it traditionally was the point when retailers started to earn a profit (went into the black) for the year - is now more of a social ritual than a make-or-break financial moment. (A company that waited until the second-to-last month of the year to make money would probably face an investor revolt.)
If you live in america you've probably heard about Black Friday. Its the Friday after thanksgiving and is the single BIGGEST shopping day of the year bar none. Many many people take leave on Black Friday and line up at 5am outside retail stores. I'll admit that for the majority of my 10 years in the States, I've mostly been oblivious to this date, mostly because I don't like crowds or shopping all that much. But I have tired Black Friday out and I did line up at 6am to bargin hunt for 2 years in a row. My best deal thus far was getting "The Simpsons Season 1 DVD" for only $12 from BestBuy.

Would I do it again? Doubtful. Unless I see a deal that I just can't pass up. But the main key to success is research research research and the internet makes it easy. Here are a few sites that might help you in your Black Friday bargin hunting.


And here's an interesting read from the NYTimes about why retailers hate thee sites.

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