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Family's gone home

As you know my family came from S'pore to visit me on 4th Dec and just flew back on the 28th. I think I did a fairly decent job entertaining them, we even did a short trip to Chicago and they did tons of shopping. The picture below was taken at the airport before they left, there are 2 boxes under that baggage and they came with only 1/2 that luggage.
From left to right: Brother-in-Law (Rizwan), Nephew (Raiyan), Sister(Ruby), Niece(Sarah), Mother(Shirley)
Its bitter sweet to see them go. I finally get control of the remote again, and the computer, but ... there's a lot to be said for coming back home to a filled house. And despite the angst and chaos kids can create, they really do fill your life with ... something.
Man! Listen to me get all mushy. Anyway. Today's also my B'day, 29th Decdemer. hence my little sentimental bout. Didn't do anything special, went to work, came home, played World of Warcraft and now I'm blogging.

This cute card was waiting for me at home from the 2 little imps. Sarah is 6 and just a bundle of energy, she's like the energizer bunny on crack. And Raiyan is 3 and just a stlicker for doing things just right. For example, he'll pick strands of hair off the floor and hand it to you because floors should be completely clean. Yes we're all afraid he's going to grow up very anal. But for right now its soo cute.

Finally, here's a collage of photos we took while in Chicago.

Ay caramba!

Ruby's lost a bit of weight and Riz has put on some.

Cute kids tho.


Happy Birthday.

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