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My Obsession with WOW

Since my family left, I'm been playing World of Warcraft ALOT to the exclusion of almost everything except work. Here's some screenshots.

Blizzard gave us some fun things to do for Christmas. This is me on a reindeer and me as a christmas elf.

On New Years, there was a huge Kegger barty in Stormwind, the human city. Ale flowed freely and there was even fireworks every hour. You'll notice the pic on the right is fuzzy. That's cos I drank too much. That's right, even in computer games, there a penality to getting smashed.

And here's one of those epic battles we all play computer games for, killing the big uber dragon. In WOW one of these dragons is called Oxynia and she typically takes about 30-40 people to kill her. This can be done every 5 days. Why kill her? Because she drops some very nice loot, and bragging rights of course.

I finally got my 2nd character to lvl 40 and bought Isale his mount.

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