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Hunk of the Week

Michael Crowe
If you enjoy looking and muscular men in their Birthday suits I'm sure you've seen Michael before. He's been on many magazine covers from Playgirl to ... just about everything. Check out his web site, its chock full of pics and videos for a fee.
born and raised in atlanta, georgia, michael crowe is a good ol' southern boy. he got his start as a model when a buddy of his sent a picture of him in a hot tub to a photographer and the photographer called him up within days to fly him to the west coast for a shoot.

crowe's face is as recognizable as his body! he has been published in all types of magazines most notably playgirl, men's workout, advocate men, men's fitness, mandate and workout for men only. he has also been the spokesmodel for a variety of products for fitness and pleasure and has appeared in several films.

crowe currently lives in the san francisco bay area and in addition to being a full time model, works as a personal trainer and is getting a b.s. degree in engineering.

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