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Dr Who

SciFi finished airing the season fanale for Stargate SG1 and Atlantis. Usually I'd be depressed because this means the end of my Scifi Friday nights but not so this year. The execs at SciFi Channel finally got their act together and imported the Dr. Who series from the BBC.

If you're into sci-fi then you must have heard of Dr.Who I'll admit that I never really followed Dr.Who after all its about a wierd looking guy who travel thru time and space in a phone booth! But the 2005 remake series by the BBC has been getting RAVE reviews and so I plunked down to watch 2 episodes last friday.
The result? I'm now newly converted Dr. Who fan. Now some might ask how you can be a fan of the series after watching only 2 episodes, and my answer is this, after the Original Star Wars movie in 1978, there were hundreds of thousands of newly converted star wars fans. Yes I do think Dr. Who is that good. don't get me wrong, I still love the Stargate franchise but there's room in me for more than 1 series.

The series is so popular that its now filming season 2 and BBC has ordered seasons 3 & 4. Here's a little titbit though. In Season 1, Dr who is played by Christopher Eccleston, but in Season 2, Dr who is played by David Tennant. Christopher left the series for fear of being typecasted but I believe they worked the change of appearance into the series.

Here's a quick intro to the Dr. Who universe:
He is an Allen, the last remaining survivor of a race called the time lords. Hence the ability to travel thru time and space. The phone booth is actually his space ship in disguise. I'm still not quite sure why he's travelling thru time and space battling evil but to give you a feel of the series, episode 2 - "The End of the World" had him taking Rose (the female sidekick) 5 billion years into the future to watch the earth's sun turn into a red giant star.

For the less geekly outthere, this is actually based on science. The earth's sun is currently estimated at 5 billions years and scientists predict that in another 5 billion years, the sun will 'die' and become a red giant star. Essentially its gonna swell up to at least 3-4 times its current size give off HUGE radiation (and destroying earth) and become a much cooler red giant star.

But enough of the science lesson, go watch Dr. Who on Scifi every Friday nights at 7pm. And if you miss it Season 1 DVD will be out in a few months.

I Like the new Dr who. I remember watching it when I was a child it would come on PBS. The music used to scare me.
I hope Sci Fi would start showing the classic episodes in the morning, instead of crappy "passions".

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