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Snowstorms in March

Just in case you're actually reading my blog and was wondering how my exercise program is coming along... its not. My excuse is the weather. Sunday was pretty crummy and even rained and as you can see a snowstorm blew in Sunday night and Minneapolis was basically under a wunter storm watch till about noon.

These pictures were taken outside my house at about 7am and it was coming down very hard. Travel was a bitch as you can imagine and when I got to work, only 1/2 the people made it and the entire network was down. So no one got anywork done. We mostly chatted till about noon and left for the day.

Unlike some, I choose to live in Minneapolis because I love winter. I don't like driving in it but I don't mind the cold or the wet. Heck I even consider shoveling relatively fun. There's more snow in the forecast for Wed and this weekend as well so to those who think Winter ends in December... not in the midwest.

OMG - that looks crazy! Wish I was there visiting you right now. :) How does May sound?

Grrrr... It's sweltering here in SG.

My exercise program is also as dead as that tree.

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