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Movie Release - The Da Vinci Code

Well I watched the show and really liked it. I truly didn't even know the movie was 2 1/2 hours long. I had read the book way back when so I didn't recall much about the plot and that made it all the better.

The show (and book) is just so well written, and the evidence it gives is somewhat based in facts which just draws you in and makes the plot believable. If you like mystery and/or thrillers this is an excellent movie.

What do I think about the huge controversy? Pure bunk. Let's be perfectly honest, would the fact that Christ was married shake the foundation of your faith if you were a Christian? If watching a movie or reading a book could do that, then you have other problems.

Come on people, this is a work of fiction with some real world facts cleverly worked into the plot and very expertly crafted to seem plausable. But it is a piece of fiction. The people who object to this movie/book are the same ones who object to Harry Potter because it has witches and warlocks in it. They are ignorant asses and should be ignored. That's my opinion.

Oh and I'd give this movie a 9/10.


Frankly.......the story was good - but the writing from the book was atrocious....

I like Ian McKellen's quote on the whole controvesy: "... proof that Christ was not gay."

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