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Ever have one of those Days?

Sigh... it was not a good day. Woke up (too late to work out as usual) drove to work and ... the car seemed to be making this knocking sound. I stopped looked over the car, found nothing, continued and then... the sound stopped for a few seconds and a worse sound started. I pulled over, waited for 45mins for a tow truck. And that's when I found out it was a flat.

Which is good news because I spent the waiting time dreaming up very bad scenarios for my 2 year old Honda Element. So a flat was good news to me. The tow truck took me to the garage and I bought a new tire. If course it was in their storehouse so I had to wait for the new wheel to arrive.

Anyway, 3 hours later I finally showed up for work. Just one of those days.

PS. I can rebuild a computer any which way but trust me when I say I can't even find the knob to open my trunk.


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