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Mosquito Ring Tones

If you read the New York Times today, you'll have definately read an article about a Ring tone that only children can hear.

Evidently, as we age our hearing gets worse. And a british company come up with sounds that only children can hear. Well... some smart ass made those sounds into a ringtone and uploaded them on the web and people are calling them Mosquito Ring Tones :)

If you find a working link let me know! I wanna see if my hearing is that of an adult or if I'm still as young as I feel.

Click here to hear the tone. Thanks Eins.

And I'm still not sure if I can hear it. Is it supposed to be this really really high pitch sound that sets my hair on end? Almost like the sound you hear when you switch on the TV sometimes or when you experience feedback from a mike?

If that's the sound, then I can't see people making it their ring tones. Way too easy to miss it imo.

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On the left - you can find the ringtone. I heard it. Can you? ^_^

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