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Movie Review - Superman Returns

Its 1 am and I just got back from Superman Returns. BRIAN SINGER IS A GENIUS!!!! BRANDON ROUTH IS FRICKING AWESOME!!!! Yes, I liked the show.

If you're looking for a wordly, well written and in depth review, go visit some of the hundreds of newspapers, websites and blogs. My review is heartfelt and spoiler free, written by a long time fan of Superman.

There's so much to like. From his first reappearance to earth, to the BIG SECRET, to him getting pounded, to his fall. There's so much I'd like to say but won't because it would just spoil the experience for you.

I will say that this show borrows very heavily from the original 2 Superman movies. From the use of Marlon Brando's voice and image to the Daily Planet, to Lex Luthor. And yet, Brian Singer updated the show for the 21st centaury. Brandon was an amazing choice. He looks amazing as Superman but I think he truly steals the show as Clerk Kent. Clerk is clumsy and awkward but at the same time so cute and endearing. Like a 6'4" 215 pound puppy. As for his costume - its skin tight. There isn't a single padding, every bump and curve you see is Brandon's body and trust me none of the pictures I've seen does it any justice.

Brandon shares at least one thing in common with Christopher Reeves. They both have amazingly beautiful blue eyes. And although I was not a real fan of Christopher Reeves, I'm touched that they included a dedication to him and his wife.

How would it compare to XMEN3 you ask? Well, I loved XMEN3. But let's be honest, with an ensemble cast of over 10 persons, its tough to develop a deep storyline. I would say that XMEN3 was an awesome action movie but Superman Returns is a drama with action. The start of a very beautiful deep drama. It has a depth that XMEN3 didn't. I would compare it more with Batman Begins, except not so dark.

And now to the ratings, the show is a little slow (that's the only bad thing I'll say about it), and if you're not a Superman fan then this is probably a 7/10. But if you liked Batman Begins, Bryan Singer's movies or Superman then this movie rates a 9/10. It’s good to see the old S flying again.

PS. A huge thank you to Blue Tights Network, its a website that has been dedicated to Superman Reutrns ever since day 1 which was about 2-3 years ago. They kept all us fans informed while we waited for the movie.


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