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Movie Review - The Lake House

How many times have you anticipated a movie, and when it finally airs, you walk out only to be disappointed? It didn't happen with The Lake House. I saw the original Korean version of this movie several years ago and thought that it was unique, well told but very very slow. So when I heard that it was being remade by Hollywood and starring Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves, I was quietly hopeful that they would do the movie justice.

I now have the perfect movie for lazy afternoon, for breakups, for when I feel alone and unloved, it is called "The Lake House".Make no mistake, this is not the romance movie for everyone. This movie requires you to leave your brain at home and just let the director take you on a journey, watching as 2 people slowly fall for each other. It let's you shed some tears and best of all, it builds up to a gentle climax that I thought made the whole movie worth while. The ending scene is perhaps my favourite of all and made me leave the theatre with a satisfied sigh.

Many reviewers will pan this movie, calling it slow and banal. But if you're a true romantic and you're not in a rush, I highly recommend this movie.

Sandra Bullock is perfect in her usual role of broody girl next door. But the real shocker is Keanu Reeves. This is the first movie that I think he truly acts. I can actually see emotion in his face. His previous attempts at romance A Walk in the Clouds and Sweet November were simply training wheels for "The Lake House". And together, you can feel the chemistry between them, they look perfect together.

I give The Lake House a very biased 10/10 and my vote for best romantic movie of the decade.


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