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Brandon's my new Fantasy Boyfriend

You have to read this interview that Ain't it Cool News had with Brandon Routh.
Here's some excerpts:
Harry: I know for me, a lot of that faith came from the fact he found Hugh Jackman for Wolverine, and I felt that Bryan was not accustomed to casting bad actors.

Brandon: Right.

Bryan Singer on top of proving that he's an excellent director has also proven that he can choose actors which are totally HOT to almost every demographic [gay/straight/male/female]. BTW you do know that he's gay right?

Harry: I’ve heard rumors that you’re a World of Warcraft freak…

Brandon (genuinely surprised laughter, followed by a seemingly blushing) Yeah… …that’s true.

Harry – Just yesterday there was an announcement that Spielberg was going to be making that movie.

Brandon – (Breathlessly exasperated and excitedly) ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!?

Harry – (giggling) I’m totally serious.

Brandon – (to his girlfriend – away from phone – and with an enthusiasm I haven’t heard from him) SPIELBERG IS DOING WARCRAFT!

(Girlfriend) – WHAAAAAAA?!?!?!?! Oh my god!
(I begin laughing)
Come on. If you're gay, into Computer games and a Superman nut (guilty on all 3 counts), Brandon is just too good to be true!!! He's the perfect fantasy boyfriend and is HOT to boot.

Harry: And to see whatever expanded edition comes out in the future that Bryan comes out with.

Brandon: There should be some good stuff, Rob Burnett is working very hard on the DVD and I’m very excited about seeing all that stuff myself. And Harry, thank you very much for all your kind words about the movie and my performance, I took a look at that and it was great.
Finally, a DVD coming out that might possibily mimic the LoTR's trilogy and made an actual extended version of the film. A 3 1/2 hour version of the (I predict) hit Superman Returns! I'm sooo pre-ordering this.

BTW If you're reading the entertainment news, you'd know that critics are giving Superman Returns EXCELLENT reviews!!! RottenTomatoes has 10 reviews so far and 9 are fresh!!!

If you want to watch HBO's 13 min first look at Superman Returns right click this quicktime movie and save it to your computer.

If you want more Brandon and Superman Returns info and pics, visit his website.

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